About me

I’ve been working in IT for 8 years. I worked on websites and applications of all kinds and sizes - starting with small web pages for family businesses, and ending with big billing systems for one of the largest telecommunication firms on market. I have experience and knowledge in every step of making software, from designing, through implementation, usability tests and ending in quality assurance.

What do I offer?

If you need someone who will help you implement your project from concept phase, through designing and implementing all the way to the launch - contact me! I can help and make:

  • computer software
  • web applications
  • mobile applications
  • websites

I evaluate each project individually, depending on its complexity and the scope of my work. Got any questions or proposals? Feel free to contact me!


My projects

Journal of Gratitude

html, css, python, sass, bootstrap, django, postgresql, photoshop

  • everything was made by me
  • graphic project was made in Photoshop
  • frontend was done in HTML, using the Bootstrap framework and CSS extension called SASS
  • backend was done in Python with Django framework and with a PostgreSQL as database

This is a web application to create your own Journal of Gratitude. Users register and after activation they can add entries to it. In addition to that, it sends reminders to them.

My personal page

html, css, php, sass, codeigniter, photoshop

  • everything was made by me
  • graphic project was made in Photoshop
  • frontend was done in HTML, using the Bootstrap framework and CSS extension called SASS
  • backend was done in PHP with Codeigniter framework

A personal page about my skills and experience. Made as simple and clear as possible, so you can easily find the most important information about me.

A website for Neuroforma application

html, css, javascript, sass, coffeescript, photoshop

  • template coding
  • small adjustments in Photoshop project of website
  • frontend was done in HTML, using the Bootstrap framework and CSS extension called SASS. Additional interactive elements were done in CoffeeScript (JavaScript dialect)

A website for different versions of Neuroforma application. I was responsible for coding template and different microinteractions on website. I've also made some small adjustments needed in the graphical project.

Augmented reality application for rehabilitation

python, coffeescript, html, css, django

  • worked for about 3 years on many different parts of the project
  • made documentation with new features of the application
  • coded user interface and interactions in it, using CoffeeScript and HTML/CSS, with backend done in Python
  • coded logic and visual side of exercises used in the application, also in CoffeeScript and Python

Neuforoma is an application for physical and cognitive exercises. For the first two years I worked as a designer/product owner, and for the last year I returned to programming. Some of the bigger tasks that I've done during that time were adding balance board as an additional interface in Neuroforma and using it to make a balance exercises module.

Library to interact with computer using a webcam and sample applications for it

python, opencv, QT, PySide

  • a library was done in Python, using the external image-processing library called OpenCV
  • sample applications were also written in Python, using QT library for their graphical interface

A library enabled the creation of virtual objects/areas on webcam image, and then interaction with them by movement. Heavily modified and updated version of this library is used in Neuroforma application.

Sample applications enabled you to use web browser using this technology, to try on clothes in a virtual fitting room, to learn english by using arms movements to choose correct images shown on screen and more.


User Experience Design degree (2012 - 2013)

Postgraduate studies at University of Social Sciences and Humanities

Computer Science Master (2005 - 2010)

Full-time studies at University of Warsaw


Softato - owner, programmer, designer (May 2013 - November 2016)

Continuing my work as programmer and designer, but in my own company.

Freelance designer and programmer (November 2016 - September 2017)

I worked on few small projects as designer and programmer. Doing projects in Axure and Photoshop and then implementing them using HTML, SCSS, JS and PHP, using Grav, Symfony and VueJS

Titanis - designer, product owner, programmer (May 2013 - November 2016)

I worked on Neuroforma program. I’ve had a large scope of responsibility, from planning new functionalities implementation, through their design, ending on usability testing. I’ve also programmed new Neuroforma website and some new features of this program. I’ve used HTML, SASS, CoffeeScript and Python, using Django framework and jQuery library.

Accenture - analyst (September 2011 - May 2013)

Work in Quality Assurance team. Started as a tester, after that, I was responsible for work of an external testing team. Worked on a billing system for the large telecommunication company.

Titanis - co-founder (July 2009 - July 2011)

I was responsible for technical part of the company. In the beginning, I was making websites, using original CMS, written in PHP. Later, I made technology, which analyzed webcam image and made it possible for a user to interact with items displayed on a screen, using his mirror image (it was used as the basis for Neuroforma program, currently developed by Titanis). I used Python language to do it, with OpenCV library for image processing and PyQT library for User Interface.

Globema - programmer (July 2008 - July 2009)

Programming extensions to SmallWorld GIS platform. I used programming language created for this system, called Magik.


Technical Design and Implementation |

System architecture design, algorithmics, databases (SQL language, MySQL, SQLite), programming (Python, PHP, JavaScript, Java, C++, C, jQuery, Django, CodeIgniter), testing, quality assurance.

Product Design |

UX Design (information architecture, usability testing, interaction design, user-centered design, accessibility), writing specifications, managing feature list, Photoshop, Axure, Google Analytics.

Graphic Design |

Basic knowledge of rules and definitions of graphic design, Photoshop, Pixelmator, basic knowledge of Illustrator and InDesign.


Basic skills of movie and audio editing, knowledge of Scum Methodology, Redmine, Trac.


  • Polish: (native)
  • English: (fluent in speech and writing)
  • German: (basics)


You can contact me at lukasz@polak.ws.